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20 nov 2017

Kuroda’s Zurich Speech: Dropping A Hint?

Data released on Friday by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for the week ending November 14 showed, as Reuters reported it, that speculators’ net short position in the Japanese yen reached its biggest since December 2013. In plain English, as at Nov 14, traders whose positioning is measured by the CFTC were still…


17 nov 2017

AUDUSD: For Whom Debelle Tolls?

A continuing absence of an acceleration in wages increases in Australia, even though employment growth has been on the whole pretty solid, arguably gives the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) little reason to raise Australian interest rates from their current 1.5 per cent level in the near future. Indeed “”it will happen in the context…


16 nov 2017

EURSEK’s Steep Rise May Prompt Pause For Thought

The weakness of the Swedish krona versus the euro prompted both the Netherlands’ ING and Denmark’s Danske Bank to write on Wednesday morning that EURSEK could move above 10.00.  Traders may be aware that the Swedish krona has only been that weak versus the euro on two earlier occasions, once during the Global Financial Crisis…


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