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21 sep 2017

Does UK Retail Sales Spike Mean Rate Hike Is In The Bag?

While, at the time of writing, no one can yet be precisely sure what British Prime Minister Theresa May will unveil in Florence on Friday, or the reaction to it, there seems a growing likelihood that the Bank of England (BOE) will raise rates sooner rather than later. Setting aside the fact that another failure…


20 sep 2017

They’re Changing the Guard at the BOJ

“It’s important for Japan to reach a stage where inflation rises above 2 per cent and stabilizes at that level,” Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on September 13. “The government expects the Bank of Japan (BOJ) to continue efforts to meet the target.” With the BOJ’s latest two-day policy meeting finishing on Thursday, some…


19 sep 2017

Taxing Issues

US Senate are set to unveil proposals for a significant re-writing of the the US Tax Code, includingrporate taxation, on September 25.  There is every likelihood, if the tone of President Trump’s tweets are accurate, that there will be an attempt to lower the US corporate tax rate. And if that is the case, and…


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