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Trading Outlook 2021: new US-president & new vaccines - are markets recovering?

28 Jan 2021
Guest Speakers: Gavin Holmes
Time 15:00 - 16:00 Cost Free Place Online

  Join Gavin Holmes for this latest webinar looking at 2021 in a post-pandemic world. Learn how the current situation is to be evaluated and how you can set up your trading regarding the economic recovery all markets are hoping for. Areas covered will include:
  A new US president in a changing world, what this looks like on the charts using Wyckoff Volume Spread Analysis.Massive moves in Gold and Bitcoin, we will show You the weekly and daily price charts and why these moves are expected.An introduction to the Wyckoff Volume Spread Analysis method with live analysis using ActivTrades MT4 and MT5 platforms.Why Volume Analysis and Support and Resistance levels are vital for identifying the movement of the "Smart Money".Detailed explanation of the most important indicator that will identify an imminent market fall or correction. It is called "The End of a Rising Market" explained in the book by Gavin Holmes called "Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money".How to choose the broker for your style of trading. FOREX or CFDs.Methods to stay positive and focused in these uncertain times.Trading into the London Fix, how it works and timing your entry.Monitoring the VIX for volatility. Gain an understanding of Supply and Demand, Cause and Effect and Effort Vs Result on the charts, these universal laws move all markets.