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21 Sep 2018

Ricardo Evangelista speaks to Core London about US China trade war

16 Aug 2018

The Turkish situation in the spotlight

Ricardo Evangelista talks to Nick Basford from Core London about the current markets situation with a special focus on Turkey and the US.

09 Aug 2018

Bank of England raised interest rates

03 Aug 2018

Central Bank Analysis. Ricardo Evangelista talks to Core London

16 Jul 2018

Political instability, risk on and risk off – Ricardo Evangelista

31 May 2018

Italy – Global turbulence in the markets – Ricardo speaks to Nick from Core London

29 May 2018

Ricardo speaks to Core London about Oil, Italian politics and FX

26 Apr 2018

ESMA – Core London – Ricardo Evangelista – 27/04/2018

Nick Batsford, CEO of Core London is joined by Ricardo Evangelista of ActivTrades.

22 Mar 2018

A review of the USD ,Euro and GBP – Ricardo Evangelista : ActivTrades

Nick Batsford, CEO of Core London is joined by Ricardo Evangelista from ActivTrades. Volatility leading to good volumes in the major currencies.

15 Feb 2018

Key factors pushing the dollar lower

What’s behind the latest dollar moves? Ricardo Evangelista of ActivTrades, talks us through how the inflation data and geo political environment is affecting the the US currency.

01 Feb 2018

What next for US rates as Fed boss Yellen passes on the baton?

This week saw the departure of US Federal Reserve chairman Janet Yellen, just as US interest rates are set to rise. Ricardo Evangelista of ActivTrades, talks us through her tenure and how the land lies for her successor, Jerome Powell.

01 Feb 2018

How new financial rules like MiFID could impact traders

Following the introduction new trading rules such as the Market in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), we put regulation in focus with Ricardo Evangelista of ActivTrades to find out what it means for traders.

25 Jan 2018

Movements of the market

Ricardo Evangelista talks about market movements and the reason why these movements are occurring. The economic scenario has changed, and there are many factors that have accounted for this. For example, better than expected performance in the euro zone, a positive move and also the possible outcome of Brexit which could give the pound a push. These movements make investors optimistic and allow room for buying sterling backed assets. The future trajectory of all these markets will depend heavily on the upcoming political negotiations.

09 Nov 2017

Emerging Market Currencies suffering from strong dollar

Ricardo Evangelista, International Desk Manager at ActivTrades shares his view on the emerging market currencies against the dollar with Core London TV.

19 Oct 2017

Appeal of UK assets heavily depends on Brexit negotiations

Ricardo Evangelista, Senior Executive Office at ActivTrades shares his view on the forex markets, the state of play in the UK economy and global economy. He believes the attractiveness of the UK assets is heavily dependent on how the Brexit negotiations proceed.

16 Oct 2017

Trading USD/JPY? Patience is the name of the game – ActivTrades

Ricardo Evangelista from ActivTrades shares his view on USD/JPY, GBP/USD and other major currency pairs. Evangelista says it is better to be on the sidelines and wait for a breakout on the USD/JPY pair.

06 Oct 2017

Macro Talk – Spanish Clash, Japanese Elections & Brexit – ActivTrades

Ricardo Evangelista, Senior Executive Officer at ActivTrades talks weighs-in on the Spanish political uncertainty and whether it would force the push the ECB taper into Q1, 2018. Evangelista also talks about the Japanese snap elections, slow progress of Brexit negotiations and shares his view on JPY, EUR and GBP.

06 Sep 2017

Core London TV: What’s moving the Dollar-Yen pair?

Ricardo Evangelista, Senior Executive Office at ActivTrades discusses the macro-geopolitical factors influencing the USD/JPY, sheds light on the GBP and the state of the play in the Eurozone economy.

04 Sep 2017

Core London TV: Appeal of UK assets heavily depends on Brexit negotiations

25 Aug 2017

Core London TV :FX Macro Scan

Ricardo Evangelista, Senior Executive Officer from ActivTrades discusses the various macro economic factors affecting the US dollar, Euro, Pound and the Japanese Yen. A must watch segment as Evangelista explains various scenarios that could unfold following the Jackson Hole Symposium. From economy to geopolitics, Evangelista has it all covered.

23 Jun 2017

Middle Eastern traders and the Oil Market – ActivTrades

Ricardo Evangelista, Senior Executive Officer (Dubai Branch) at ActivTrades says the Middle East clients are more inclined to trade oil and metals. “Clients understand that the current climate instigates weakness in oil”, says Evangelista and adds, “the traders are more emotionally attached to oil… it is more like a sacred cow, hence traders struggle psychologically to bet against their gift”.

Watch the full segment as Evangelista discusses Qatar-Saudi tiff and how the clients are adjusting to the political turmoil in the UK

08 Feb 2017

AI is the new buzzword – ActivTrades

Ricardo Evangelista, Head of International Desk at ActivTrades, talks about the upcoming revolution in the world of financial markets technology – Artificial Intelligence.

Evangelista and Presenter Zak Mir discuss the potential merits and demerits of artificial intelligence, its impact on the job markets and the potential regulations and finally whether artificial intelligence will overpower human decision making.

01 Feb 2017

Fundamental disconnect: What’s driving markets?

Georges Batrouni, Middle East Desk Manager at ActivTrades explains why traditional, text-book fundamentals have lost ground in the recent years.
Batrouni sheds light on why the BOE will have a rough time raising rates despite rising inflationary pressures, but discourages the popular thinking that the central banks have lost credibility. The segment is hosted by TIP TV Presenter Zak Mir and Mike Ingram, Strategist at BGC Partners.

09 Jan 2017

Inveus Trading Contest

Launch yourself into a new dimension with a professional CFD and Forex contest – powered by ActivTrades.

You only need one registration to participate simultaneously in three riveting CFD and Forex trading contests and to enjoy the opportunity to win fantastic cash prizes.

02 Dec 2016

Vote Night

Chief Technical Analyst, Carlo De Casa discusses the Italian Referendum and how you can get involved!

19 Nov 2016

The ActivTrades Financial Trading Summit

On Saturday 19th November ActivTrades held a financial trading summit in The May Fair Hotel.

We would like to thank everyone that attended and we hope you enjoy our snippet of the day!

03 Dec 2015


Debutant Neal Kimberley, External Forex Analyst for Activtrades, joined Zak Mir and Bill Hubard, Chief Economist for Bullion Capital, on the Tip TV Finance Show to discuss the global economy, specifically focusing on the USD and the Yuan.