Shares Commissions

Exchanges Commissions
EUROPE (excl. London) 0.05% of the transaction value,
(€1 minimum commission)
London 0.10% of the transaction value
(£1 minimum commission)
New York (Incl. International ADRs) US$0.02 per share
(US$1 minimum commission)

Market data charges

Exchanges Market data charges
Europe (Incl. London) No Fees
New York (Incl. International ADRs), PLUS ALL THE ABOVE A fee of 1 EUR/month will be applied.


All of the above charges apply regardless of the number of trades filled. Market data charges are payable for all the accounts, which are capable of accessing Equity CFD data on the first day of the month. Subscriptions added or deleted after the first working day are not counted or discounted for the purpose of charging in that month, except the accounts subscribing after the 1st and unsubscribing in the same month, which will be charged for the entire month. We reserve the right to charge an account for two full months which unsubscribes the month after subscribing where more than 31 continuous days service have been received.

Maintaining Positions

Short positions held overnight will be credited with swaps, calculated based on 3-month interbank rate minus 1% (if deducting 1 point from the interbank rate results in zero or in a negative value no interest will mature on short positions). Long positions held overnight will be debited with swaps, calculated based on 3-month interbank rate plus 1%.

Please note that market data for CFDs on shares is displayed with a 15 minutes delay for the MT5 demo accounts.


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