Shares Trading

Trade from as little as €1 per ticket or from 0.01%

How do share CFDs work?

The stock or equity market reflects official market prices and allows investors to open positions instantly without owning the underlying security. Traders access global stock exchanges from ActivTrader and MetaTrader 5 and they can go short and long, benefiting from the leverage.


Stock Exchange Commission Minimum Charge
US $0.02 per share 1 USD
UK 0.1% per ticket 1 GBP
EUROPE From 0.01% per ticket From 1 EUR

Market data charges

Exchanges Market data charges
Europe (Incl London) No fees
New York + all European Markets 1€/month

Rising or falling stars, you can trade them all

More than 450 company shares without stamp duty, custody or account management fees

Our share CFDs allow traders to invest in bullish and bearish markets with minimum cost. Access global stock exchanges including New York, London, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris and many more.

Go long or short

Mobile trading available

No mark-ups, no hidden fees

Trade a variety of ETFs in different sectors


Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund


Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund

Health Care

Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund


Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund


Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund

Real Estate

iShares U.S Real Estate ETF

Trade shares with MetaTrader 5

You can trade shares CFDs in demo or in real, automate your strategies with Expert Advisors
and try a whole set of pre-installed indicators and charts.