CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 85% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


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11 Jan 2021

ActivTrades offers Commission-Free Equities Trading

To kickstart trading in 2021 the brokerage will not charge transaction fees on all the European, UK and US stocks it offers for non-leveraged retail investors nor will there be any swap rate charges for maintaining positions overnight. This provides an excellent opportunity for clients to diversify their portfolios without incurring costs.


04 Jan 2021

ActivTrades Chooses Luxembourg as its New EU Base

ActivTrades UK Plc, the market-leading brokerage, has been granted a licence for its Luxembourg office that ensures the smooth transition of services for its European clients after the UK completes its departure from the European Union.

The London office, a stone’s throw away from the iconic Tower Bridge, will remain the company’s headquarters and will continue to serve British and international clients.

25 Nov 2020

Ricardo Evangelista: EURUSD reached a two-month high

Over the last few years we have all got used to the greenback’s safe-haven role, rising with anxiety and dropping whenever risk appetite returns. As the market celebrates hopes of a COVID-free future and the end of Trump’s protectionism, more dollar weakness is to be expected.

16 Nov 2020

Global Stocks Climb on Asian Recovery Hopes

“While last week’s vaccine announcement renewed bullish sentiment on most stock markets, another boost has been given over the weekend with the signing of the Asian trade deal on Sunday,” said Pierre Veyret, technical analyst at ActivTrades.



16 Nov 2020

Strong risk appetite dominates the sentiment of traders

Ricardo Evangelista: As we reach the final stretch of 2020, by any measure a very tough year, investors can start to see a light at the end of the tunnel, following last week’s vaccine announcement and now a string of encouraging data and announcements from Asia.

Source: LeapRate

12 Nov 2020

Carlo Alberto De Casa: Gold has not yet managed to recover

Gold has not yet managed to recover after the $100 collapse which followed Pfizer’s vaccineannouncement as investors moved to riskier assets. The bullion price is stagnating at $1,870 without being able to achieve significant and stable recoveries

14 Sep 2020

Chances of Trade Deal after Brexit low – GBP under pressure

Ricardo Evangelista: the Pound lost almost 3.5% versus the US Dollar last week, as the markets priced-in the increasing likelihood of there being no trade deal with the EU in place at the end of the current post-Brexit transition period, following the UK’s government apparent intention to break the terms of the withdrawal agreement.

Source: High Leverage FX

04 Sep 2020

US Dollar remain bearish for medium- to long-term trend

The medium- to long-term trend for the Dollar continues to be bearish but there has been a pullback from the two years lows reached earlier in the week. This short-term correction is probably no more than just that, short-term, as the Fed’s willingness to maintain very low interest rates for the foreseeable future and political stalemate in Washington, regarding a fiscal aid package, are likely to continue weighing down on the Dollar. US employment figures, to be published later today, will provide more near-term direction.

Source: High Leverage FX

03 Sep 2020

Gold hit by the strength of greenback last 48 hours Carlo De Casa explains

Despite this, the main trend has not changed, with the price in the main lateral channel between $1,860 (the low of 12th August) and $2,075 (the high of 7th August). The fundamental outlook is still positive for bullion, in a scenario where central banks’ dovish policies will continue for a long time.

Source: High Leverage Fx

03 Sep 2020

Dollar continues to recover some of the ground it lost to the euro

The dollar continues to recover some of the ground it lost to the euro after the Fed announced a new, more flexible, stance towards inflation. Although the greenback’s medium to long term forecast remains skewed to the downside, investors are repositioning themselves in relation to the single currency. This follows comments from the ECB’s chief economist warning of the potentially detrimental effect that a strong euro may have over the zone’s economies. As a result, investors were left with the impression that the European central bank will, if necessary, move to prevent its currency from going through the long term $1.21 resistance.



18 Aug 2020

Pound gains versus major currencies, particularly Euro, during early Friday

“Sterling’s gains are due to an improvement in risk appetite, with risk related assets in general performing well, and also some optimism surrounding the ongoing Brexit negotiations after David Frost, the UK chief negotiator, said that an agreement with the EU could be possible in September,” says Ricardo Evangelista, Senior Analyst at ActivTrades.

17 Aug 2020

Gold rises on soft dollar as focus turns on Fed

“We’re seeing a consolidation phase after last week’s sell-off,” said ActivTrades chief analyst Carlo Alberto De Casa, adding that “interest for gold remains elevated”.

30 Jun 2020

ActivTrades’ number of new client accounts up 73% YoY in Q2 2020

The company recorded £30 million in revenue for the first half of 2020, with a profit of £18 million, the highest in the company’s history. Revenue was more than treble the £8 million registered in the same period last year and already well above income of £20.6 million for the whole of 2019.

30 Jun 2020

Ricardo Evangelista on economic performance of UK and Eurozone during Covid-19

Econmic data for UK and Euro zone grim due to Covid-19

19 Jun 2020

Pound with losses after no progress in Brexit talks

Ricardo Evangelista on the dangers for the pound ahead: UK has deadliest Coronavirus toll and time is running up on a trade deal after Brexit

15 Jun 2020

Concerns over local outbreak of Covid-19 push gold price higher

Carlo Alberto de Casa on explains how markets focus on gold as buying opportunity.

08 Jun 2020

European stocks slip after last week´s rally

Pierre Veyret on investors taking a bit of profits ahead of a busy week on the markets.

29 Oct 2019

Examining recent developments in Fed monetary policy

In September 2019, the US short-term overnight lending rates, spiked from a typical 2.21% to 8%.  The financial news was quick to point out that this was a sign that the system was unequivocally broken as the Fed were unable to control their own benchmark Fed Funds Rate (FFR) which moved to 2.30% just as the FOMC meeting was going to inform the market the reduction of the FFR to a working range of 1.75%-2.00%. Coming on the back of other negative data releases such as weakening ISM numbers and inverted yield curves, contributing analyst Nathan Batchelor examines whether the Fed has been able to stabilise these benchmark rates with the recent developments in monetary operations.

Trade the USD/JPY forex pair with spreads as low as 0.50 PIPS:  

21 Oct 2019

Boris Johnson and the new Brexit deal

Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal has received both criticism and praise from political pundits. Critics have argued that the new Brexit deal is just Thersa May’s Withdrawl Agreement, with a resolution over the Northern Ireland Borde issue, while those who support the new deal say this is the best deal for the United Kingdom. In this article, Nathan Batchelor examines Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal and takes an in-depth look at the key differences between British PM Johnson’s new deal and the previously rejected Withdrawl Agreement.

Trade the GBP/USD during the latest Brexit updates:  

03 Oct 2019

ActivTrades’ Chief Analyst, Carlo Alberto De Casa analyses gold price increase

“Gold rebounded to $1,500 on the back of new trade tension… The short-term trend remains mixed, while the medium-long term is still positive for bullion,” said ActivTrades chief analyst Carlo Alberto De Casa.

03 Sep 2019

ActivTrades’ Technical Analyst, Pierre Veyret, comments on investor sentiment towards Brexit

Pierre Veyret, technical analyst at ActivTrades wrote in a daily research note that the optimism over political developments has renewed investors’ buying appetite after a selloff a day ago, which marked an ugly start to trading in September.

29 Aug 2019

ActivTrades’ Senior Analyst, Ricardo Evangelista, comments on no-deal Brexit

Ricardo Evangelista, senior analyst at ActivTrades, said: “The markets regard no deal as the worst possible outcome for the British economy and news that there will be a cross-party effort to counter Prime Minister Johnson’s plans to leave on the 31st of October no matter what were enough to fuel Sterling gains of nearly 0.5 percent to the dollar. “However, these gains have been completely canceled during early Wednesday trading as reports emerge that Boris Johnson will ask the Queen to suspend parliament from mid-September until mid-October; a move seen as a way to ensure his plans of a no-deal Brexit are executed without interference from MPs opposed to such an outcome.”

02 Jul 2019

ActivTrades’ Chief Analyst, Carlo Alberto De Casa comments on gold

“The trade fiasco could be a positive factor for gold as the deal is still not reached yet,” said Carlo Alberto De Casa, chief analyst with ActivTrades. “The stock markets are in the red, which is another positive thing for gold.”

28 Jun 2019

ActivTrades’ Chief Analyst, Carlo Alberto De Casa discusses investor interest in Gold

“We are still seeing huge investor interest in the precious metal. Markets are pricing in growing expectation for two interest rate cuts to the Fed’s base rate in the next few months,” said Carlo Alberto De Casa, chief analyst with ActivTrades.

01 May 2019

ActivTrades presents London Financial Forum 2019

Award-winning online broker ActivTrades is proud to present London Financial Forum 2019, a stimulating event aimed at empowering a new wave of traders to identify and act on key opportunities arising in a shifting political and economic environment.

10 Apr 2019

ActivTrades’ Senior Analyst, Ricardo Evangelista, comments on GBP volatility

“Despite overnight reports pointing to EU intentions to offer the UK an extension … that could last for up to a year, the pound barely moved. This is a good illustration of how markets look at sterling these days; with skepticism and caution, somehow immune to news and rumours,” said Ricardo Evangelista.

07 Mar 2019

ActivTrades’ Chief Analyst, Carlo Alberto De Casa discusses U.S.-China trade talk and its impact on gold

“The recovery of the US dollar is a negative element and the general risk-on sentiment is not particularly good for gold,” said ActivTrades’ Chief Analyst Carlo Alberto De Casa. “The main (equity) market driver has been the optimism surrounding trade talks between the US and China.”

13 Feb 2019

ActivTrades’ Senior Analyst, Ricardo Evangelista, comments on Brexit concerns

“Unsurprisingly, the reaction from the markets to these rumours is nonexistent; the process has been dragging on for too long, with many ups and downs and investors appear to have developed a degree of immunity to political intrigue,” said Ricardo Evangelista, senior analyst at ActivTrades in London.Brexit concerns, inflation keep pound below $1.29

14 Jan 2019

ActivTrades launches advanced trading platform, ActivTrader

Award-winning online brokerage ActivTrades is pleased to unveil its innovative, advanced trading platform, ActivTrader. Combining cutting-edge technology and innate expertise in delivering online CFD trading services, ActivTrades’ enhanced proprietary platform, ActivTrader, introduces a trading experience that is both, user-friendly and advanced.

14 Aug 2018

ActivTrades is awarded ISO 27001 certification

ActivTrades has received the ISO 27001 certification for its exemplary information security management systems (ISMS) across its five offices.

23 Jul 2018

Fiat Chrysler has caught everyone by surprise, even insiders at the auto firm.

ActivTrades’ chief analyst Carlo Alberto De Casa says Sergio Marchionne ‘s dramatic resignation from Fiat Chrysler has caught everyone by surprise, even insiders at the auto firm. Read more in this article published by the Guardian.

06 Jul 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo: The man who moves markets

“Juventus will be hoping to make a huge amount of money from this operation, and the markets also believe that this could be excellent from a financial point of view- despite its huge costs”

See more in this article by Carlo Alberto De Casa , chief analyst of ActivTrades published in

03 Jul 2018

Gold gains on weaker dollar, after nearing a seven-month low

15 Jun 2018

ActivTrades opens a New Office In Nassau

16 May 2018

Award-Winning Online Broker ActivTrades introduces Exchange-Traded Funds

23 Apr 2018

Best Online Trading Services

ActivTrades awarded ‘Best Online Trading Services’ by ADVFN

06 Nov 2017

ActivTrades Wins Broker of the Year

16 Oct 2017

India’s ongoing love affair with gold

10 Oct 2017

Exclusive: ActivTrades adds Grant Thornton senior partner Patrick Storey to its Board of Directors

08 Sep 2017

ActivTrades Strengthens Client Protection Insurance to £1m

01 Sep 2017

Excess of FSCS Insurance doubled to £1 million

15 Aug 2017

Common Mistakes made by Day Traders

21 Jul 2017

Gold prices climb past $1,255 on a weak US dollar

28 Jun 2017

Gold picks up in mid-week trade despite weak demand for precious metals

20 Jun 2017

Exclusive: ActivTrades CEO Alex Pusco Sees Massive Growth in Mobile

06 Jun 2017

ActivTrades CEO on the power of customer service and education in the online trading world

04 May 2017

ActivTrades 2016 Revenues up 11% to £34.9 million as international growth continues

24 Apr 2017

Gold prices fall, dollar weakens versus euro

24 Apr 2017

Oil Futures slide for sixth successive session as Opec frets over US production

18 Apr 2017

Pound surges to four-month high but FTSE 100 tumbles as UK heads to the polls – business live

18 Apr 2017

Pound soars to four-month high after Theresa May calls general election, as FTSE 100 suffers worst day since Brexit vote

18 Apr 2017

What does Theresa May’s snap general election mean for markets?

05 Apr 2017

Gold sees dramatic price drop from 5-month high as dollar strengthens

05 Apr 2017

The Sunday Time’s Profit Track 100 League Table

ActivTrades was listed on The Sunday Time’s Profit Track 100 League Table

30 Mar 2017

Spot gold falls below $1,250

Gold price slide extends into second successive session with strong dollar proving to be drag on trading.

21 Mar 2017

ADVFN International Financial Awards 2017

07 Mar 2017

Women Make Better Traders

03 Mar 2017

How are Women Represented in the Financial Industry?

28 Feb 2017

Lazy Monolinguals Will Hurt your Business

27 Feb 2017

ActivTrades CEO Talks about Languages and the Impact of Brexit

“London’s reputation has always been known. Did it need reinforcing? I am not so sure.”

08 Feb 2017

Gold rides past $1,240 mark on weaker dollar and safe-haven calls

Oil falls for third successive session but gold rally extends further into positive territory and Chief Technical Analyst, Carlo Alberto De Casa shares his insight. into why this might be.

23 Jan 2017

International Business Times

Chief Techincal Analyst, Carlo Alberto De Casa is featured on International Business Times, discussing the change in gold prices as a result of Trump’s inauguration

17 Jan 2017

European shares steady as banks turns positive after May speech

Reuters report on the market’s reaction after Theresa May’s speech on the plans for Brexit. Chief Technical Analyst, Carlo De Casa shares his insight.

12 Dec 2016

The Aftermath of the Italian Election

After the eventful Italian election, Guardian online published a quote from Techincal Analyst, Carlo De Casa about his stance

29 Nov 2016

ActivTrades Mentioned in the Guardian Online

ActivTrades’ Chief Techincal Analyst, Carlo Alberto De Casa, is quoted on the Guardian Online, regarding Italian and Austrian referendum.

26 Nov 2016

PoundSterling Live

ActivTrades comments published on the PoundSterling Live website, in an article discussing the EUR/USD.

04 Nov 2016

The ActivTrades Financial Trading Summit 2016

ActivTrades announces its Financial Trading Summit in the May Fair Hotel.

17 Oct 2016

IAIR Best UK Forex Broker 2016

ActivTrades wins Best UK Forex Broker by highly esteemed research institute and global independent publishing house, IAIR.

20 May 2016

UK Trading Tour

ActivTrades successfully conclude their UK Trading Tour.

09 May 2016

ActivTrades’ UK trading tour

ActivTrades’ UK trading tour is featured on the front page of the popular financial paper, CITY AM

21 Apr 2016

UK Trading Tour Launch

ActivTrades launch their UK Trading Tour hosted by Gavin Holmes.

22 Jan 2016

Even Lower Spreads

ActivTrades reduces spreads on over 40 currency pairs.

21 Jan 2016

European shares edge up before ECB meeting; Pearson jumps

Carlo de Casa shares his insight in this latest Reuters article featured in the Mail Online.

12 Jan 2016

A Special Winter Promotion

ActivTrades extends CFDs on shares promotion until 31st January 2016.

04 Jan 2016

European shares down sharply on disappointing Chinese data

Reuters shares the European stock market, with a quote from ActivTrades’ Chief Market Analyst, Carlo Alberto De Casa.

03 Dec 2015

Our Gift To You

ActivTrades thanks its clients this Christmas, with Commission free CFDs on Shares.

13 Oct 2015

Pan-European, Rolls Royce and Ferrari

ActivTrades’ Carlo de Casa gives his insight on the markets, in a Reuters’ article.

07 Jul 2015

Greece, Palladium, Platinum and China

Reuters analyse the Greece crisis, palladium, platinum and the turbulence in China, with analysis from ActivTrades own Carlo de Casa.

11 Jun 2015

Problems continue for Greece

Reuters give their analysis on the increasing problems facing Greece, with a statement from ActivTrades’ own Ricardo Evangelista.

03 Jun 2015

Gold, Greece and U.S. Private Employers

Gold, Greece and U.S. private employers, are all hot topics in an article by

13 May 2015

Gold and the USD

Leading publication City AM, reviews the price of Gold and factors influencing the USD.

09 Jan 2015

The Rise Of Gold

Our expert analyst, Carlo Alberto de Casa, comments on the yellow metal on leading publication

10 Dec 2014

Analysis on the AUD/USD with EMA

Have a look to the analysis of this pair with the help of the 200 Period Exponential Moving Average (EMA), made by our analyst contributor Alexander Londoño for

16 Nov 2014

Germany: The European Vanishing Point

Pierre Veyret analyses the German downturn on the DAX30 in the leading publication “Raconteur”. Learn the reasons behind the German reversal in our full article.

23 Oct 2014

The Parabolic SAR

Learn how to use the Parabolic SAR, an easy to use trend indicator, with our Analyst Contributor Alexander Londoño.

24 Sep 2014

European Stock Markets Rally After Italian Data

Carlo Alberto de Casa, our senior market analyst, comments in Reuters about the Italian´s momentum and the effect on the European stock markets.

12 Sep 2014

RSI Basics

Learn the basics to use the Relative Strength Index technical indicator in your daily strategies. Alexander Londoño explains it all at Bullbearings.

29 Aug 2014

Determining Trend Direction With MACD

The moving average convergence divergence (MACD) system is a trend indicator that helps us determine the current trend of the market and its strength. Alexander Londoño explains the basics in this article.

15 Aug 2014

Risks For The Eurozone

The picture in the Eurozone does not look good for our expert Alexander Londoño, discover why in his article published at Bullbearings.

12 Aug 2014

Bullish Correction Attempt On The GBP

Check the analysis about the GBP/USD from our Analyst Contributor Alexander Londoño at INVEZZ.

11 Jun 2014

Bullish Bounce On The GBP/JPY

Analysis for the GBP/JPY at Forex Space by our analyst contributor Alexander Londoño.

05 Jun 2014

Big Drop In Shares Commissions

ActivTrades has lowered its fees to trade shares CFDs. Discover this new advantage for ActivTrades clients that was announced at Daily Forex Blog.

04 Jun 2014

FTSE 100 Fell

Our senior market analyst Carlo Alberto de Casa comments on the FTSE 100 in Reuters after Tesco sales drop.

04 Jun 2014

Golden Cross On The USD/SGD 4 Hour Chart

Check our expert´s analysis at Forex Space.

30 May 2014

Breakout And Pullback Pattern Completed On The USD/SGD

Analysis for the USD/SGD at Forex Space by our analyst contributor Alexander Londoño.

28 May 2014

USD/SGD HAS Broken A Key Resistance Zone

Analysis for the USD/SGD at Forex Space by our analyst contributor Alexander Londoño.

16 May 2014

The GBP/USD Has Pulled Back To The 1.6800 Zone

Analysis for the GBP/USD at Forex Space by our analyst contributor Alexander Londoño.

06 May 2014

The Singaporean Dollar Continues Rallying Versus The Greenback

Market analysis for The Singaporean Dollar at Forex Space by our analyst contributor Alexander Londoño.

06 May 2014

Aussie Dollar Returns To It’s Uptrend Versus The GreenBack

02 May 2014

EUR/AUD Is At A Key Support Resistance Area

Market analysis for the EUR/AUDat Forex Space by our analyst contributor Alexander Londoño.

24 Oct 2013

ActivTrades “Company Of The Year” In The Growing Business Awards

07 Jun 2013

ActivTrades In City A.M.

ActivTrades has been announced this year’s fastest growing private online broker in the UK, according to the Investec Top 100 list 2013. Over the last four years ActivTrades has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 101 per cent becoming a sixth-fastest growing private firm in the UK and the third-fastest in London.

The 2013 Investec ranking provides a valuable insight into where UK’s entrepreneurial management excellence and long-term economic prosperity lies.

07 Jun 2013

Real Business’ Hot 100 Fastest Growing UK Companies 2013 – 6: ActivTrades

Number six in this year’s list of fastest growing UK companies is online trading platform, ActivTrades. The company has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 101 per cent over the last four years, driven by demand from emerging markets. The secret of fast growth, says Pusco, is customer service. “Undoubtedly, the attention that we pay to our customers has been the key to our success. Every new product that we bring to market is aimed squarely at improving our clients’ trading experience.”

27 May 2013

ActivTrades Won In The ‘Best Forex Customer Service For 2013’ Category Of The Jordan Forex Awards

“ActivTrades” which operates under the license and control of the Financial Services Authorities in Britain participated in the Jordan Forex expo and awards (JFEX), which was held in Amman, Jordan, on the 7th and 8th of May 2013, where the company staff met with visitors and introduced them to the company’s services.

27 May 2013

ActivTrades Has Been Chosen As Best Forex Customer Service In 2013 During The Jordan Forex Awards.

ActivTrades had previously received the award of Best Retail FX Provider during the Investment Opportunities and Wealth management conference in 2013 in Dubai and was chosen as Fastest Growing FX Provider in the Middle East during the Fourth currency markets and oil and gold forum, which was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

24 May 2013

How Alex Pusco Followed The Charts To Success

Swiss entrepreneur Alex Pusco was “always passionate about technical analysis”, the use of charts to understand financial markets. As a teenager he would lap up new theories and when personal computers became more common in the 1980s he started testing them for himself.

09 Apr 2013

ActivTrades’ Blink Trading Seminar In Business Review Europe

Paul Wallace and Malte Kaub will be hosting a trading boot-camp on behalf of ActivTrades on April 18th at the Westbury Hotel, London. Here they give a description of what attendees can expect, emphasising that snap decisions can lead to consistency in trading…

09 Apr 2013

Treaders Paul Wallace And Malte Kaub Hosting A Trading Boot-Camp On Behalf Of ActivTrades

How snap decisions can lead to consistency in trading

09 Apr 2013

Blink Trading Seminar In Timizzer

How snap decisions can lead to consistency in trading

16 Mar 2013

Executive Interview: Alex Pusco, CEO At ActivTrades

15 Mar 2013

Alex Pusco Of Activtrades For Management Today

My Week: Alex Pusco of ActivTrades:
It was a one-man show for a couple of months, but then one by one, we added staff to the company. In the first year it was just two people, and then in 2002 we added one or two more people. When we came to London we were no more than six, but the company has ballooned in recent years, and we’re now 110…

13 Mar 2013

Alex Pusco, CEO At ActivTrades – “10 Entrepreneurs Reveal Who Inspires Them”

ALEX PUSCO, CEO of global trading company ActivTrades: “The only person who ever really influenced any of my behaviours and professional direction was my father, and the most important quality that he inspired in me with was recognising the value of our business relationships and how to prioritise the human factor against cold facts and figures. Moreover, it was my father who made me discover the rudiments of stock broking and financial products when I was a teenager, and taught me to always look towards the USA. He would say: ‘Whatever works in the US will come to Europe in less than five years’ time’. And so it was with online trading.”

25 Feb 2013

ActivTrades About “The Future Of Trading”

30% of customers using ActivTrades’ MetaTrader4 platform login to check their positions on a smartphone or tablet which indicates that the future of financial technology is changing. Though it is still a minority the number is growing which highlights a change in the industry. Currently the majority of traders prefer a desktop because there is an ease for multiple functions, and the ability to set up programmes such as expert trade advisors. However, the trends that are dominating the industry are based around social networks, and smartphones.

20 Feb 2012

Spread Betting On MT4 And MT5

ActivTrades launches Spread Betting on MT4 and MT5

18 Jan 2012

Forexpros Interviews Ricardo Evangelista Of ActivTrades

ActivTrades, Sales Analyst Ricardo Evangelista, is interviewed by Forexpros

My name is Ricardo Evangelista. I am a Sales Analyst at Activtrades, working with retail clients based around the world. Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. After graduating in Business and Hotel Management, was offered a job with the Savoy group, in London. This gave me exposure to a range of duties including sales. Later decided to embrace a different project, and started a career in IT sales….

10 Aug 2011 Interview With Angelo Ciavarella From ActivTrades Interview with Angelo Ciavarella from ActivTrades

2. What is your professional background?
Actually, I do have a very unusual background.. I’m a lawyer with a huge passion for the financial markets, ever since I was at school. That’s the main reason that brought me to the US, to attain a Masters in International Economics at Johns….

11 Nov 2009

5th Middle East Forex Expo

ActivTrades PLC participates at 5th Middle East Forex Expo

Located in the City of London, ActivTrades offers fast and reliable access to trading global markets via a range of state-of-the-art dealing platforms.

MetaTrader 4 is the globally respected system for Forex and CFD trading. Its years of development, professional suite of analytical tools and algorithmic…

11 Sep 2009

5th Middle East Forex Expo In Dubai

ActivTrades participates at 5th Middle East Forex Expo in Dubai

MetaTrader 4 is the globally respected system for Forex and CFD trading. Its years of development, professional suite of analytical tools and algorithmic trading capabilities provide a powerful platform for your access to markets. Our spreads are highly competitive and Islamic accounts are welcome.

11 Aug 2008

An Interview With ActivTrades

Read a comprehensive interview with Federicco Cirulli, Chief Executive Officer of ActivTrades.

What is your professional background?
All members of the ActivTrades team are highly experienced Forex brokers and come from Sales and Trading backgrounds covering a variety of financial products, including Forex, CFDs, Futures and Options….