• Molanis is a suite of products to enhance the capabilities of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, designed to maximise your trading potential.
  • Molanis uses a graphic display to build ready-to-use Expert Advisors to create a leading edge MQL code generator. No coding, programming or MQL knowledge is required.
  • Molanis is available to Live Account holders.
  • To access Molanis’ advantages, you will need to redeem a certain amount of Rewards Points. Login to your Personal Area to check your Rewards Points!
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Strategy Builder Pro for MT4

Expert advisor can be created with just a few clicks, whether you are new to Forex or a professional Trader.



  • Very easy and intuitive, create expert advisors in minutes
  • Drag Trading blocks from the Trading Library into the Trading Diagram
  • Reduce development time
  • Designed to allow expert advisors with multiple currencies and multiple timeframes
  • With minimum effort, it can be used to create Forex Signals



Technical Indicator Builder Pro for MT4

Technical Indicator Builder allows the design of Customs Indicators for MetaTrader 4.



  • Very easy and intuitive, create and test indicators in minutes
  • Reduce development time
  • Leading Edge Code Generation creates all the code for MetaTrader
  • No need to share your strategy with external programmers
  • Technical Indicator uses mathematical calculations bringing countless possibilities
  • Technical Indicator contains the Indicator Calculation Editor for complex calculations



Custom Indicator Builder Pro for MT5

Custom Indicator Builder for MT5 is the only graphical environment that lets you design Custom Indicators for MetaTrader 5 in minutes.



  • Very easy and intuitive, create indicators with mouse click and drag
  • Your ideas are turning into indicators
  • No need to write a single line of code
  • Custom Indicator Builder is specifically designed for Traders

Expert Advisor Visual Wizard Pro for MT5

Molanis Expert Advisor Visual Wizard provides a visual environment for the design of expert advisors and Forex signals. No coding, programming or MQL knowledge is required. Thanks to the MQL code generator your trading diagrams are analysed and transformed into expert advisors.



  • Very easy and intuitive, create expert advisors in minutes
  • Create technical conditions based on technical analysis
  • Use pre-installed or custom indicators to create your EAs
  • Pro Expert Advisor Visual Wizard for MT5 allows better money and risk management
  • Create multi-time frame, multi-currency expert advisors
  • Test, optimize, and back test your EAs with automatically created variables for stops and limits
  • MetaTrader 5 variables for stops and limits are created automatically to be used to test, optimize, and back test your expert advisor
  • Use bar or ticks trading
  • 4 and 5 digits compatible
  • One-click Forex signals creation; alert or email function
  • Time your EA trading with time filter option
  • Maximum open volume control per currency pair
  • Error management: order execution is retried automatically