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Used cars and inflation

On July 13th, the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) released the latest batch of consumer price data, revealing a jump in inflation of 5.4% in June, comparatively to the same period of 2020. The reading was the highest since 2008, well above the market consensus, which was expecting 4.8%. Crucially, the BLS figures also revealed a hike in prices of 0.9% just during the month of June.   We all[…]

20 Jul 2021

Gold’s unlikely journey

  Excluding perhaps the collision of two neutron stars, supernovae are the most dramatic events in the universe’s vast menu of wonders; a cosmic fireworks’ show that occurs when stars reach the end of their lives by exploding. Such bursts last less than 2 minutes and can outshine entire galaxies, generating more energy than the[…]

15 Jul 2021

The Federal Reserve Hawkish Pivot

On Wednesday June 16 the United States Federal Reserve stunned observers, announcing the intention to start rising interest rates at some point in 2023, bringing the dot plot forward by a full year. Prior to June 16, central bank officials’ spent months dismissing inflationary fears, insisting that spikes in consumer prices were to be expected[…]

30 Jun 2021

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