CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


Are you regulated

Yes, ActivTrades PLC is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and our activities are passported in all countries of the European Union with the respective regulatory bodies.

Is my money safe with ActivTrades?

Client funds are kept in a segregated client account. We are a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which covers, in the unlikely event of default by the broker, 100% of the first £85,000 deposited by the client. For further information contact the Scheme by calling their Helpline on +44 (0)800 678 1100 or +44 (0) 20 7741 4100 or go to ActivTrades clients can benefit from extra security exceeding the FSCS threshold by up to £1,000,000 per client – via our Excess of FSCS Insurance.

Do you offer fully automated trading with no human intervention?

There is no human intervention at ActivTrades, everything is automated.

What type of execution do you provide?

Our objective is to offer the best execution for our clients, using the most appropriate routing depending on time, liquidity and size of the order.

We operate as a principal with our liquidity providers, but we do not perform active proprietary trading. Thus, we don’t have any human intervention, as our operations are fully automated.

Do you accept clients from the USA?

Unfortunately we are not regulated in the USA and therefore unable to open accounts for US citizens or residents.

What happens if I have a complaint with ActivTrades?

In the unlikely event of a dispute with ActivTrades that cannot be successfully resolved you will be sent the full ActivTrades Complaints Handling Procedure. You are entitled to take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service who will mediate as a matter of last resort.

Are you ISO27001 certified?

Yes, the headquarters and all branches of the company are ISO 27001 certified.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an international standard published by the International Standardisation Organization (ISO). Organisations which adopt the standard are required to follow a strict and detailed set of rules and guidelines which help manage information security in a company. The rules are written by the world’s best experts in the field of information security and provides methodology for the implementation of information security management in an organisation.

The standard covers areas including financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted provided by third parties.

Achieving accredited certification to ISO 27001 demonstrates that the company is following information security best practice, and provides an independent, expert verification that information security is managed in line with international standards and business objectives.

Are there any fees associated with my trading account?

Trading Forex and most CFDs is commission-free, any cost of trading is encompassed in the spread of the instrument you are trading. For CFDs on shares commissions apply. You can check our competitive rates online.

Can I trade microlots?

Yes, it is possible to trade microlots with all our account types.

Do you allow scalping or scalpers?

Yes, you can choose any of our accounts and employ electronic or manual scalping systems.

As I login, which server should I use? What is the IP number of my Server?

Please refer to your welcome email for the server details of your account, or contact our Support team.

Can I connect to my MetaTrader platform or the Personal Area during weekends?

Yes, but note that in order to always improve the quality of our services, we regularly undertake server maintenance during the weekends. Therefore connectivity to your MetaTrader platform or the Personal Area might be limited during weekends.

Do you allow trading with Expert Advisors (EAs)?

Yes, you can use Expert Advisors on all our Forex and CFD accounts.

Do you apply daily swaps or rollovers to Forex positions?

Yes, the application of swaps is reflective of the underlying market. ActivTrades swap rates are set at the same level as those we receive from our liquidity providing banks. Please note that if the monetary value of the swap for a position is comprised between -0.005 and 0.005 for a day, it will be automatically rounded to 0.

Do you apply overnight financing rates to CFD positions?

No, ActivTrades’ CFD products are based on the underlying Futures contract and so the day-to-day financing cost is already reflected in the trading price. (Except CFDs on cash indices)

Why trade CFDs with expiry dates and not rolling cash or day-to-day products?

CFDs based on Futures do not require any daily finance adjustments since the time value is included in the trading price.

What happens if I am holding my CFD contract and it reaches the expiry date?

All open CFD trades are automatically closed the day after expiry at the closing price.

What is the required margin for hedged positions in MT4?

In MT4, the required margin for hedged positions is 10%.

Is the execution on your demo accounts exactly the same as on your real accounts?

Our demo accounts are always a fair copy of the real market, as the prices are in real time. Our demo accounts obviously cannot be exactly the same in terms of execution, as the orders are simulated, and not real orders submitted to the market.

What is the main purpose of a demo account?

Our demo accounts are designed for you to familiarise yourself with all the platform functionalities using virtual money and without financial risk. Testing of trading strategies should be performed only on live accounts. If trading strategies are tested on demo accounts then it is done so at your sole discretion and the results should be considered indicative only.

My demo has expired. I would like to continue testing. What shall I do?

Once a demo has expired, you can open a new one for a period of 30 days. In order to open a new demo account, connect to your personal area, click “Open a Demo Account”, fill out the form and submit the request. Your account will be generated automatically and will be displayed in the Personal Area.

What is the maximum leverage offered by ActivTrades?

Retails clients under FCA regulation are entitled to a maximum leverage of 1:30.

What is the minimum deposit to open an account?

With ActivTrades you can activate your account with as little as 1000 GBP.

What is an ADR

An ADR (American Depositary Receipt) is a negotiable certificate that represents a certain number of securities of a non-U.S. company that trades on a U.S. exchange.

Why trade ADR

ADR is an excellent way to buy shares in a foreign company while realizing any dividends and capital gains.

What documents are required in order to open a Live Account with ActivTrades PLC?

Opening an account with ActivTrades PLC is simple. Just fill out the online application form on our website – and a member of our team will contact you regarding what supporting documents we require.

Is your Personal Area and online application secure?

ActivTrades PLC takes the privacy and protection of its clients very seriously. We deploy the same certificate-based SSL cryptographic protocol used by the largest banks and online retailers for securing data submitted through the Personal Area and the Online Application. Do not hesitate to contact our team for additional information.

In which currencies can I open a trading account?

You can hold an account in EUR, GBP, CHF or USD.

How long does it take to open an account?

Accounts are usually openedwithin 24hrs when the correct supporting documents are submitted.

Why am I being asked to provide financial background and investment experience when I apply for an account?

We collect this information for our records and for regulatory reasons, it should not affect your application and you can be sure that all information is held safely. The financial background is simply required to establish that the customer pays a capital in accordance with your ability to pay.

What happens if I do not complete my opening account application form?

The application is not received and the account is not activated, but you may always resume where you stopped by logging back on and entering the password you chose previously.

Can i open an account even if i do not have a utility bill held in my name?

Contact us by phone on +44 (0)207 680 7300 or send an mail to and our representative will be glad to find solutions that best fit your situation.

How can I open a joint account?

To open a joint account, both the co-holders must complete the account opening form and send us an email stating you would like to open a joint account with the name of the other person.

How many accounts can I open with you?

The maximum number of accounts per client is 10. However some exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.

I would like to open a second account with ActivTrades, how can I do it?

To open up a second account, all you have to do is log into our Personal Area site (top right hand corner on our website), log in using your MetaTrader 4 login details and select “I would like to open a second account”.

How can I change the leverage of my account?

Again for this request, please log yourself into our Personal Area, and select “I would like to change my maximum leverage”.

From the window "Market Watch" I cannot see the CFDs, how can I see them?

If you are unable to see the CFD symbols, please right click in the “Market Watch” window and select “Show All”.

How can I limit the total number of instruments in the MetaTrader’s Market Watch?

We’ve limited the total number of instruments displayed in the Market Watch up to 100 symbols. For faster access to charts and orders, you can further restrict the number of contracts by creating your own watchlist. Steps to follow: right click in the Market Watch window and select “Hide All”, followed by “Symbols”. Choose the instruments you would like to see and select “Show”.
To save your personalised watchlists, right click in the Market Watch and select “Sets”, followed by “Save As”. If you would like to load a watchlist, right click on Market Watch and select “Sets”.

I cannot find the link to download the platform MetaTrader 4, how can I get it?

For this request, please log yourself into our Personal Area (top right hand corner of our website). And select “I want to download MetaTrader 4.”.

I would like to make a cross-account transfer between two accounts, how can I do it?

Again, for this request please log into your Personal Areaand select “I would like to make a withdrawal from my account or a transfer between accounts” and then NEXT. This will then take you to the option to do an internal transfer between both accounts.

Is there any charge to transfer funds from one account to another?

There are no charges, when you request an internal transfer between two ActivTrades accounts.

I have two accounts with ActivTrades, can I use them simultaneously on the same PC?

Yes, you can. To do this, you will have to download the MetaTrader Platform twice, however the second time please save the name under a different directory.

How can I close an account?

Before an account can be closed, please ensure all your positions are closed and all funds are withdrawn. Then send your close request in writing, by email or letter, to our support team.

Do you charge a fee if I do not trade on my account?

ActivTrades does not charge any fee when an account is inactive for less than a year. However, one year after the last trading activity or deposit was registered, ActivTrades charges ‎an inactivity fee of £10 per client per month, which is directly deducted from the trading account. If a client has more than one account, we consider the client as active if at least one of their trading accounts is active and therefore we do not charge an inactivity fee.

What are your trading hours?

The trading hours for ActivTrades are as follows:
MetaTrader 4 Account – Opening Sunday at 23.00 (CET), closing Friday at 23:00 (CET).
MetaTrader 5 account – Opening Sunday at 23.00 (CET), closing Friday at 23:00 (CET)
The pair USD/CNH is not traded 24 hours. Trading hours are from 02:30 till 23:00 (Server Time)
The pair USD/RUB is not traded 24 hours. Trading hours are from 08:00 till 17:00 (Server Time)

What time is the platform set up as?

The time that the MetaTrader Platform is set up as is CET.

What happens if I lose my internet connection while trading online?

Please call our 24h Support Desk, who will deal with your request by verifying your account positions and may close any positions upon request.

Does ActivTrades provide order execution as a service over the phone?

Yes, we do. In an emergency situation, you can call us during trading hours to place your order. Your order execution will be ensured, even in the case of a technical problem with your trading platform. Please contact us on: +44 (0) 207 6500 567

When is your Support Desk available?

Our dedicated Support Desk is operational 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. English support is offered 24 hours. German and Italian support is guaranteed from 8:00 till 23:00 CET. Support in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Bulgarian, Russian, Chinese and Hungarian is available from 9:00 till 19:00 CET.

The platform charts, which price are they set up as?

The chart on the platform is set as the BID price.

Is it possible to see the ASK price on the chart?

Yes you can. On the Chart that you are interested in changing, please right click and select “Properties”, then select the “common” section and then tick the “Ask Line” box and then OK.

Can I use MetaTrader on an Apple Mac?

Officially, the MetaTrader platforms are only supported by a Windows operating system. To trade on a Mac, a Windows emulator is required. Our solution for Mac users is to install a VPS server on your Mac.

Can I use MT4 and MT5 on my device?

Yes, both platforms are available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. Please refer to our “Mobile Trading”section for more information.

On the order window, from the drop down list, I cannot see the volume I wish to trade, what do I do?

If this happens and you do not see the volume you wish to trade, please just enter this manually.

What type of orders do you offer?

ActivTrades offers several types of orders. Please read the detailed explanation of the different Order Types available in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Why my order was executed with difference from quoted price and I can’t see execution price on the chart?

ActivTrades undertakes to present accurate charts representing the best bid/ask prices available at any given time. However, the actual execution achieved might temporarily differ from the prices shown when the volume requested exceeds the volume available in a given instrument, when market liquidity is low (for example around rollover time or major news) or the aggregated volume traded is significantly above average (for example critical support/resistance levels where there is a massive concentration of orders).

Why does my Expert Advisor behave differently with ActivTrades compared to another broker?

The same EA can react differently with different brokers, as the forex market does not depend on a centralised exchange. This fact depends on how quotes move and their ticking volumes with different brokers, as the forex market does not depend on a centralised exchange.

I have a pending order working, what happens if I switch off my PC?

Your pending order will be stored on our server, so when you switch of your computer it will still be active and of course will be executed when it reaches the price.

Does the EA work when the platform is switched off?

Unfortunately not. As the EA is stored on the platform and not the server, it can only work when the platform is open.

Does the Trailing Stop work when the platform is switched off?

Again as the Trailing Stop is saved on the platform and not the server, it will not work when your PC is switched off.

What is the maximum number of orders I can place in the MT4 platform?

The limit in MT4 platform is 250 pending orders and open positions.

What is the margin close-out level?

This is the level that is set by ActivTrades and represents the minimum amount of margin required to automatically close trades.

Can my account go into negative?

The margin close-out level on your account is in place to help ensure you don’t lose more money than you deposit. As an added safeguard, we offer Balance Protection Policy and will credit your account to a zero balance if your account goes into negative as a result of trading activity.

What if I have multiple accounts?

The Balance Protection Policy applies across multiple accounts, therefore if you have a negative balance in your account and a credit balance in your second account then the credit balance will be used to offset the negative balance. This also applies to joint accounts held with other people, where each joint account holder will be responsible for a debit or credit available in equal part.

I need a trade history of my account. How can I get it?

To get the history of your trades, please look at the bottom of the platform in the Terminal box. You will see “Account History”, please right click anywhere in the white box and select “All History”.

Am I going to receive any email/documents?

The emails/ documents that you will be receiving are daily statements from your ActivTrades account, to the given email address that you provided.

I noticed a discrepancy on my daily statement. What shall I do?

Please report any discrepancy immediately to ActivTrades Plc at If not resolved, please contact our Customer Service Department at +44 (0)207 680 7300. Failure to exercise your right to have discrepancies ratified within two working days from the receipt of this statement will be deemed your agreement that this statement is correct and ratified.

Can I enter once-cancel-other (OCO) orders and pending partial close orders in MetaTrader?

These and other additional order types, like closing all tickets with one order, can only be found in the MetaTrader add-on SmartOrder, which can be downloaded from the Personal Area.

Can I keep both long and short positions on the same currency pair simultaneously (hedging)?

Yes, the NFA rules on hedging do not affect ActivTrades PLC clients because we are not regulated by the NFA.

Can I still get a margin close-out even if I am fully hedged?

Yes, even if long positions and short positions are perfectly hedged against each other, the equity can still fluctuate considerably. As spreads are variable and can widen at times, they have a direct effect on the valuation of your total position and on the account’s equity. Another reason are currency exchange effects. Therefore, you should guard against unexpected margin close-out by maintaining sufficient margin coverage.

What happens at the daily rollover to my forex positions?

The market price you get when you are trading FX is a spot price, with delivery of 2 working days. As you intend to hold the position into the next day, the delivery of the position is rolled over with one working day, and left again with delivery of 2 days. This process is continuous until the position is closed. The mechanism is automatically applied and you pay (or earn) the net interest for holding the position for one more day according to our current swap rates (link). However, you should bear in mind that the minutes around the rollover, taking place usually at 11 pm CET, the market becomes highly illiquid resulting in a higher than normal spread.

How can I fund my trading account?

You can fund your account by bank transfer, credit/debit cards and e-wallets by logging into the Personal Area. See here the full range of payment methods accepted by ActivTrades.

Do you accept PayPal as form of payment?

Paypal is accepted by ActivTrades Plc.

Can I send funds in other currencies to my trading account?

You can send us funds via bank transfer or credit/ debit cards in EUR, GBP, CHF or USD and we will convert to the currency of your account at the prevailing market rate. Most likely this will be a more preferable exchange rate than you would receive from an outside source.

Do you accept third party payment?

For compliance reasons we cannot accept payments from a third party. Funds to and from an ActivTrades account must be to or from the account holder with ActivTrades PLC.

Do you apply any commission when I fund my account?

For all Credit cards and Debit cards outside UK & EEA a 1.5% fee is applied. We do not charge for payments using any other method, although you might be charged from your bank when sending funds to your account using bank transfer.

How long will it take for funds to be credited on my trading account?

If you fund your account using credit or debit card, or any e-wallet methods the funds sent by card will be credited to your account within 30 minutes after the transaction was made. We credit a bank transfer on the day it clears into our accounts.

How can I withdraw my funds?

You can request a withdrawal from the Personal Area. After login, choose “make a withdrawal” and select the preferred withdrawal method. Note that we return funds to the same source used to fund your account.

Can I withdraw if I still have open positions?

If you have enough margin you can still request a withdrawal.

How long do you take to process my withdrawal request?

Withdrawal requests submitted before 12.30 UK Time will usually be processed the same day, subject to our standard security checks.

Are there any fees for withdrawals?

Withdrawals to cards and e-money wallets are free of charge. Charges for bank withdrawals can be found in the Account funding and Withdrawals page.

How long do funds take to be credited onto my credit card?

Generally the funds will be available on the credit card within 2 working days.

I funded my account via credit card. Do I have to withdraw funds onto the same card?

If you deposited with a card, we will return the funds back to your card up to the sum of the payments made with the card. Any remaining profits will be sent back to your bank account.

I funded my account via credit / debit card but unfortunately I have lost/replaced my card. What can I do now?

If you have lost or replaced the card used for payments, your funds can only be taken by requesting a wire transfer to your bank account. We might request a copy of your credit or debit card statement in such instances.

How can I get the newest version of MetaTrader 4, and how do I know which version I currently use?

Click on “Help” – “About” to check the version number. The update is provided automatically, once the update is released by MetaQuotes, and you connect to your broker’s server. See this link for more information 

What is so different from previous versions this time?

MQL4 language for programming trading strategies has been modernised. While keeping the functionality of MQL4 itself, MQL4 was developed further, and its functionality brought closer to that of MQL5. Classes and structures have been added and the language syntax has been extended up to С++ level allowing developers to implement all the advantages of object-oriented programming.

Furthermore, the storage location of personalised files and settings is now kept separate from the installation folder. This is a response to the Windows User Account Control and MetaTrader 4’s previously default single data folder, what frequently caused changes to sub-programmes and updates to fail. In the new version, all data of a PC user are stored in a dedicated folder kept apart from the installation folder. With the current update this folder will automatically be created and all relevant files, including EAs, indicators and templates, will automatically be copied there.

You can find more info about these and further updates, following this link MetaTrader 4 Update.

If there are two folders, where do I now install MetaTrader extension and configuration files? (EAs indicators, templates, profiles, drivers, etc..)

Every PC user now has a personal data folder, where Metatrader keeps the user’s files and settings. The path typically looks like this: C:\Users\Adam\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\A6DFCB1B8DE9372D2328FF3445436DEC
To find out where your MetaTrader keeps these files, go to MetaTrader menu, “File”, select “Open Data Folder”.
EAs, for example, ought then be saved in ../MQL4/Experts. Note also that for the same reason automatic setup programmes for add-ons that were developed for previous versions of MetaTrader 4 might not work. You should carefully check – and if necessary change- the destination folder for the automatic installation. If this fails, use the default folder but later copy all individual unpacked files separately to the correct sub-folder of the terminal data folder.

I do not find my EAs and indicators in MetaTrader – Navigator pane. Where are they?

Make sure you copy all new add-ons after the MetaTrader update to the new custom folder (see previous question).

My EAs & Indicators still do not work properly. What is wrong?

One possible reason could be that your programmes refer to additional programs in order to work properly (drivers (DLLs) or external experts). In some cases also the path to these files must be changed within its programme code. Note, for example, that all EAs and indicators now belong to the subfolder ../MQL4/..
Another way to exclude any unknown errors is to recompile your EAs, scripts and indicators and check for programme code errors. To do this, open the MetaEditor from within Metatrader 4, OR double click on the *.mq4 file to open the file within MetaEditor. Then click “Compile” in the menu bar. Check for error messages in the “Errors” window. If you do not possess the raw code, the provider of the EA might be able to help you in this case.

I noticed that also MetaTrader 4’s MetaEditor was updated to version 5.00 Build 883, the same as on MetaTrader 5. Can I use it for MetaTrader 4 programming as well?

es, this new unified version of MetaEditor can read and compile programmes for both MetaTrader 4 and 5. For more information about MetaEditor 5, please read on here:

What are the main differences between the MT4 and MT5?

The new platform brings along the following improvements and new features:
• More order types
• One click trading
• High performance and outstanding working speed
• Ability to modify pending orders directly at chart level
• An optimised layout
• More than 80 indicators
• 21 Timeframes
• Economic calendars
• Improved tick charting
• Faster strategy tester

Will ActivTrades Plc transfer to MetaTrader 5 automatically, or will it be possible to choose one platform instead of the other?

Since ActivTrades Plc is not an NFA regulated firm, the transfer to MT5 is not mandatory. This means that traders have the possibility to choose whether to switch to MT5 or keep trading with the MT4. Traders will also have the option to use both platforms using different account numbers.

I use an EA for my trading, will the programming language be the same?

Unfortunately, MetaTrader 4 Language (MQL4) will not be compatible with MetaTrader 5 (MQL5). The decision was made in favour of new opportunities in programming language and execution speed, which to some regret of existing MT4 clients means, their custom indicators and EAs (.mq4 and .ex4 files) will not work with MT5 platform; and will need to be rewritten.

If I trade on a currency pair and I wish to make a partial close, how is it managed by the system?

All orders align with the new FIFO (first-in, first-out) rule implemented by the NFA as an industry standard in the summer of 2009.

Can I trade on the MT5 platform using my MT4 account?

No. In order to trade on the MT5 you need to open an MT5 account with ActivTrades as the trading conditions on MT4 are different to the conditions on MT5.

Can I use my MetaTrader accounts to also trade on the ActivTrader platform?

If you have a MetaTrader account, you will need to apply for an additional ActivTrader account to use this platform. Similarly, your ActivTrader account cannot be used to access MetaTrader.

I don’t have a password for the platform. How can I log in?

Simply use your Personal Area login details. If you don’t have a Personal Area login yet, please register for a free demo account. In case you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgotten password?’ on the login screen, and you will be sent a verification link to your registered email account.

Which trading instruments are available on ActivTrader?

ActivTrader gives access to over 1000 instruments offered by ActivTrades, including CFDs on Shares.

How can I download ActivTrader for mobile devices?

ActivTrader is available for mobile devices with Android and iOS. Depending on your device, either go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for “ActivTrader”.

Will my orders be executed even if I close the platform/browser window?

Yes. If you have pending limit or stop orders, these are placed for execution on our server, and once the stop/limit price is reached, your order is executed automatically, even if your platform is not open.

How can I save my layout?

When you close the platform, your latest settings will automatically be saved and reloaded when you log in to the same account again.

What is 2-step verification and what can it be used for?

2-step verification adds an additional layer of security when accessing ActivTrades’ services. It is active when accessing your Personal Area and your ActivTrader live account.

My codes are not working, what should I do?

Please ensure that the time on your device is set correctly and to the correct time zone. An incorrect clock can cause codes to be out of sync.

How do I set-up 2-step Verification?

1. Get an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator on your smartphone.
2. Log in to Personal Area using your username and password.
3. Go to Profile > 2-Step Verification
4. Click Set-up
5. Scan the QR code from your authentication app, then enter the numerical code provided by the app and click Verify.

How do I disable 2-Step Verification?

1. Log in to your Personal Area using your username and password and a 2-step verification code from your device
2. Go to Profile > 2-Step Verification
3. Click Disable
4. Confirm the action by entering the 2-step verification code generated by your authentication app

How do I move my codes to a new device?

1. Log in to your Personal Area using your username and password and a 2-step verification code from your old device
2. Go to Profile > 2-Step Verification
3. Click on Change device and provide the 2-step verification code generated on your old device to confirm your identity and change request.
4. Scan the QR code with your new device to link it to your ActivTrades account

I lost my authentication device, removed the app or deleted the code, what should I do?

Please contact our Support team if you have lost your device, removed the authentication app from your phone or deleted the individual ActivTrades code from your app.