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The dollar remains under pressure

FOREX The dollar remains under pressure during early Tuesday trading and risk-related currencies, such as the euro, are on the front foot, following the Fed’s renewed demonstration on Monday of being ready to do whatever it takes to ensure economic stability. After a wobble at the end of last week and despite growing concerns over[…]

16 Jun 2020

Gold’s spot price was stopped by the resistance

FOREX The forex market is hesitating between maintaining the risk-on stance that prevailed from late May and into the start of June, or fully embracing the more cautious approach that crept in at the end of last week. The euro lost more than 1% to the dollar during Thursday and Friday, as a resurgence of[…]

15 Jun 2020

Friday’s dominant tone will once again be of greater risk appetite

FOREX After a Thursday dominated by the resurgence of risk avoidance, following Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s highlighting of the long path to recovery, it appears that Friday’s dominant tone will once again be of greater risk appetite. This dynamic is illustrated by the euro and its gains of more than 0.30% versus the dollar[…]

12 Jun 2020

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