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The British pound is trading flat after losing more than 1%

FOREX The British pound is trading almost flat in relation to other major currencies during early Friday, after losing more than 1% to the US dollar and 0.7% to the Euro on Thursday. Investors showed their unhappiness towards the Bank of England’s decision to slow the pace of its asset purchase programme and refusal to[…]

19 Jun 2020

European share markets opened mostly lower

FOREX The upside for risk related trading seems to be fizzling out, amid mounting concern among investors that a potential resurgence of the coronavirus, at a time when most economies are reopening for business, could damage the prospects of a rapid V-shaped economic recovery. The US dollar, one of the safe havens of choice for[…]

18 Jun 2020

The renewed optimism has pulled the oil price up

FOREX The dollar is edging lower versus a basket of other major currencies during early Wednesday trading, with investor optimism supporting risk related assets and penalising the safe haven greenback. The markets have been presented with reasons to be both cheerful and gloomy; data released on Tuesday points at a, perhaps faster than expected, economic[…]

17 Jun 2020

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