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Volatility remains the dominant scenario on markets

GOLD Volatility remains the dominant scenario on markets with gold proving no exception. The price jumped to $1,550, before collapsing again below $1,500. In this phase, we are seeing a positive (direct) correlation between stock markets and gold, which should not be a big surprise as every time there is a market sharp fall, many traders[…]

18 Mar 2020

Oil continues to struggle

GOLD Despite the rebound of European stocks, gold is unable to sustain any solid recovery and is still trading below $1,500. Yesterday we had a first attempt at a recovery, as the price rebounded strongly from the support level of $1,450, but the main trend remains unchanged. It is clear that the selloff of gold[…]

17 Mar 2020

The gold price jumped up to $1,570

GOLD The gold price jumped up to $1,570 on today’s open, far higher than Friday’s close, before returning to $1,535. Despite the huge liquidity that the Federal Reserve is splashing into markets, bullion seems to be unable to recover, at least for the time being, after last week’s sell off. We are in a scenario where[…]

16 Mar 2020

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