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The health of the UK economy in question ahead of GDP release

The United Kingdom economy releases monthly GDP data later today, at a time when a survey of leading economists is now predicting that the UK economy contracted during the second quarter of 2019. Monthly GDP data is expected to show the UK economy grew by 0.4 percent during the month of May, which may help[…]

10 Jul 2019

Is BASF’s profit warning a bad sign for the economy as a whole?

BASF, the German chemical group headquartered in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, is the world’s largest chemical group in terms of sales and has issued a profit warning. Investors are becoming increasingly nervous, since the company’s products supply so many industries, worldwide. Because of the breadth of BASF’s customers and the worldwide networking of the company’s sales[…]

10 Jul 2019

Are falling sales pulling Apple’s stock down?

In early trading yesterday, Apple’s stock traded lower after reported rumors of weaker iPhone demand and a slowdown in service revenue growth. Samsung Electronics issued a profit warning just last Friday, and this could have further increased the pressure on Apple’s stock. The situation surrounding the blacklisting of the Chinese company Huawei Technologies by the[…]

09 Jul 2019

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