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Gold is waiting for further signals

FOREX Despite the increasing number of fatalities associated with the coronavirus, as well as concerns about the duration of economy-damaging travel bans, the yuan continues to recover against the US dollar and is on its third consecutive positive session during early Thursday trading. The yuan’s resilience may surprise some, but it is above all an[…]

06 Feb 2020

Chinese Yuan recovering – Markets in Europe waiting for Christine Lagarde

  FOREX For the second consecutive day the yuan is recovering some of the lost ground to the US dollar. This is because the World Health Organisation believes the coronavirus hasn’t yet shown signs of mutating, which would make it more lethal. Officials from the WHO also stated their belief that the outbreak can be[…]

05 Feb 2020

The pound is continuing the trend

FOREX The pound is continuing the trend from yesterday, a day in which the British currency lost more than 1.4% to the US dollar and 1.2% to the euro, with further losses accumulating for Sterling early in Tuesday’s session. The markets continue to price in the potential impact on the British economy of there being[…]

04 Feb 2020

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