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Turkish Delight in the Emerging Market Space??

In the absence of a material steepening of the US yield curve, it may well be that the allure of higher yields from Emerging Market currencies continues to attract. Dutch bank ING had this in mind on Monday. “With yields in core markets contained for the time being – and the likelihood of that continuing[…]

20 Jun 2017

Do Fed Policy Settings Now Mean The Only Way Is Up For The Dollar???

The arguments about how hawkish or not the US Federal Reserve currently is, or if emerging US economic data justifies the kind of monetary policy path that Fed Chief Janet Yellen outlined last week. But one thing is for certain. Current Fed monetary policy settings do not lend themselves to any material expansion of the[…]

19 Jun 2017

5-3 BOE Vote Gives Sterling A Boost But Will It Last?

The Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee (BOE MPC) may have voted 5-3 to keep UK rates unchanged on Thursday but the decision by Ian McCafferty and Michael Saunders to join Kristin Forbes in voting for a UK rate hike on Thursday was undoubtedly a shock. The pound rallied, gilt yields rose and short sterling[…]

16 Jun 2017

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