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The euro has gained more than 1.5%

FOREX The euro has gained more than 1.5% against the US dollar since the start of Monday’s session, with most of those gains coming after yesterday’s announcement from the Fed of an unprecedented rescue package. The American central bank promised to buy unlimited quantities of treasuries and mortgage-backed securities, as well as providing finance programs[…]

24 Mar 2020

The barrel has fallen again

FOREX The dollar is on the backfoot against the yen during the early part of Monday’s session, with the Japanese currency gaining almost 0.8% to the greenback. In light of the recent dynamic for this pair, the yen’s gains are remarkable. The dollar has been on a winning streak since the 10th of March, amassing gains[…]

23 Mar 2020

The pound is quite simply collapsing

FOREX The pound is quite simply collapsing on currency markets. The U-turn of Boris Johnson’s government on the measures to be adopted for containing the coronavirus generated a new selloff on the pound. In just 72 hours the government changed its mind and closed schools, and asked people to limit all non-essential travel. Markets are[…]

19 Mar 2020

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