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The US dollar index is recording some gains

FOREX The US dollar index is recording some gains during early Tuesday trading, following the publication of disappointing German industrial data. The greenback is once again fulfilling its role of safe haven, rising whenever market sentiment edges towards risk-off, while the euro retreats. After a fall of 17.5% in April, it was widely expected that[…]

07 Jul 2020

DAX-30 Index is currently one of Europe’s top performers

FOREX Confidence continues to dominate investor sentiment, as reflected by the performance of the euro versus the safe haven dollar. The single currency gained roughly 0.5% to the greenback during early Monday trading. Investors feel increasingly confident in the eurozone’s ability to bounce back quickly. The number of COVID-19 cases is receding in Europe and[…]

06 Jul 2020

Share markets opened mostly flat in Europe

FOREX The euro and the dollar remain pretty much where they started the week in relation to each other, just above the 1.12 level. Through the week there has been some movement, with the greenback rising during moments of greater apprehension and the single currency finding support whenever risk-on prevails. The pair’s performance reflects the[…]

03 Jul 2020

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