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The Dollar Index is showing some softness

FOREX The Dollar Index is showing some softness during early Monday trading, as optimism continues to dominate sentiment. The markets continue to operate under the assumption that there will be a massive rebound in economic activity towards the second half of the year, despite the damage the pandemic continues to inflict across the world. This[…]

25 Jan 2021

The euro is gaining ground on other major currencies

FOREX The euro is gaining ground on other major currencies during the start of Friday’s trading session. The single currency found support after yesterday’s ECB monetary policy committee meeting during which ECB president, Christine Lagarde, stated that the current asset purchase program – totalling €1.85 trillion – remains flexible, meaning it may not all be[…]

22 Jan 2021

Oil has fallen, once again

FOREX Thursday’s session began under the spell of risk-on, following yesterday’s inauguration of the 46th President of the United States. Joe Biden’s presidency promises the deployment of a massive fiscal stimulus package as well as greater harmony between the Treasury and the Fed, with the central bank’s monetary policy likely to remain dovish for the foreseeable[…]

21 Jan 2021

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