Our new cash index allows clients to trade the current cash value of the underlying Dax 30 index without any commissions at very tight spreads starting from 0.45 points. Unlike the futures contracts, the cash index has no expiry date, allowing traders to save from rolling costs and suitable for both short and long-term strategies.
The cash index is structured as a CFD (Contract for Difference) and aims to replicate the cash price of the Dax 30 index on Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It is comprised of the top 30 German blue chip stocks and is offered with an extended trading session from 08:00 until 22:00. The margin requirements are among the lowest in the industry, starting at 0.25%.

Maintaining Positions

The swap charges for long positions are calculated using an interest rate equivalent to 3-month Euribor plus 1.75%. Equivalently, short positions will receive an interest equal to 1.75 percentage point less than the current value of 3-month Euribor. If deducting 1.75 point from the Euribor results in zero or in negative values then no interest will be granted on shorts.


Symbol Point Value Tick Value Target Spreads (In Points) Average Spreads (In Points) Target Spread (Ticks) Limit & Stop Levels (In Points)
Ger30 € 25 € 0.25 1



 Symbol Related Market Dealing Hours (CET) Last Dealing Day (Current Contract Month) Contract Months
Ger30 DAX 30 08:00–22:00 Continuous Contract


Margin Requirement

Please note: you have to select your account leverage to see the required margin for the relevant contracts:
Point Value
Tick Value
Margin Requirement
Max Leverage
25 EUR
0.25 EUR

Please note that for customers carrying larger net positions on the cash instruments, we reserve the right to multiply the above margin requirements as follows:

100-250 LOTS > 250 LOTS
X2 X4
10-25 LOTS > 25 LOTS
X2 X4

(*) Applicable 1 hour before the closing.

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