30 Jan 2017

ActivTrades News 30th January 2017

Zak Mir provides an overview of the current UK economy and currency market post-Brexit with guest, Neal Kimberley.

26 Jan 2016

ActivTrades News 26th January 2016

Forex Expert Will Hunting shares his insight on China’s economy, the Fed and the commodities market.

11 Jan 2016

ActivTrades News 11th January 2016

Kate Leaman returns for the first weekly round up of 2016!

16 Dec 2015

ActivTrades News 16th December 2015

Kate Leaman is joined by Forex expert Kym Watson.

08 Dec 2015

ActivTrades News 8th December 2015

Financial Journalist Kate Leaman, presents a round up of the week’s economic headlines.

18 Nov 2015

ActivTrades News 18th November 2015

Kate Leaman is joined by Financial Analyst Nicole Elliot. This week they discuss Greece, oil prices and emerging markets.

10 Nov 2015

ActivTrades News 10th November 2015

Kate Leaman presents a round up of the week and looks at the forecast for the week.

28 Oct 2015

ActivTrades News 28th October 2015

Leah Milner is joined by market expert and journalist Neal Kimberley as they discuss the FED, China and the ECB.

21 Oct 2015

ActivTrades News 21st October 2015

Finance Journalist Leah Milner, is joined by expert trader Samuel Rae. This week they discuss Germany’s economy, the price of crude oil, China and the recent performance of global stocks.

07 Oct 2015

ActivTrades News 7th October 2015

ActivTrades’ own, Ricardo Evangelista, is joined by Mike Hamilton from Trade the Easy Way. They discuss the ‘taper tantrum’, the state of the Nasdaq, India’s central bank and the IMF.

30 Sep 2015

ActivTrades News 30th September 2015

Dan Barnes is joined by ActivTrades’ own Vikesh Purohit, as they discuss what lies ahead for the Federal Reserve, the VW scandal and oil prices.

23 Sep 2015

ActivTrades News 23rd September 2015

Dan Barnes is joined by expert trader Paul Wallace as they discuss Brazil, emerging market currencies, global trade performance and the increase in UK wages.

16 Sep 2015

China, Gold and the U.S.

Finance commentator, Dan Barnes, is joined by expert trader and analyst Neal Kimberley.

09 Sep 2015

ActivTrades News: 9th September 2015

Dan Barnes is joined by market commentator, David Morrison, as they discuss the uncertainty with interest rates, issues facing China, changes in oil prices and the potential deflationary spiral threatening the Eurozone.